The “Be A Giver” Social Movement

Filled with compassion and driven by passion, the Generation-Y leaders in BLESS mobilise the community to give and care for their community in a sustainable manner.

The “Be A Giver” Social Movement hopes to bond the community and promote the spirit of giving. Through giving to the community, Singaporeans share their blessings with others. From contributing their skills, to contributing their time to volunteer, to contributing their finances to support the less-privileged – every action matters.

Funds raised through this social movement would also go towards supporting BLESS. With a skills-based volunteering model, there are no manpower costs for BLESS.

Hence, 100% of the funds raised would be used to continue to extend the reach of BLESS programmes to the beneficiaries, facilitating BLESS to be a sustainable non-profit organization, funded by the community for the community.

Together, let’s play our part to make Singapore a more caring and compassionate home for all!